Tumblast Shot Blasting Machine
Tumblast Shot Blasting Machine is a piece of industrial machinery that is used to clean, deburr, and descal metal parts. The machine is made up of a rotating chamber or drum that tumbles the workpieces inside. The blasting system, throws abrasive material onto the rotating workpieces in the drum.
Paint Booth
Paint Booths are basically cubicles which help in preventing the dust or any foreign particles from entering inside and depositing on the painted surface. These are equipped with canopy, electric motor, duct etc.
Swing Table Shot Blasting Machine
Swing Table Shot Blasting Machine is a piece of industrial equipment used to clean, descal metal parts and prepare them for further processing. It is intended to blast a high-velocity stream of abrasive material onto the workpiece's surface in order to remove surface contaminants and achieve the desired surface finish.
Hanger Type Shot Blasting Machine
Hanger Type Shot Blasting Machine is also used to prepare the surface for painting, coating, or bonding. The rotating blasting wheel and U-shaped hanger design ensure complete coverage and consistent results, while the dust collector system keeps the workplace clean and safe. This is very economical too.
Presure Blaster
Pressure Blasters are basically a high-pressure washing system widely used in railways, automobile, foundries, ship yards and other industries for the removal of grimes, dust, loose paint, mud etc.
Rotary Barrel Shot Blasting Machine
Rotary Indexing Machines help in the processes of inspection, production and assembly work. These indexers are necessary for machining, bottling and other machines and can perform both small batch cleaning as well as heavy duty cleaning.
Abrasives Media
Abrasives Medias are used for numerous applications due to their hardness and high abrasive nature. These have got high cleaning efficiency and find their applications in aircraft manufacturing, polishing of aluminium etc.
Blast Room System
Blastroom Systems are suited for all those industries where surface preparation is needed before the application of a protective finishing. The systems enables lighting as well as ventilation for the safety of operators.
Garnet Sand
Garnet Sand is frequently used in industrial settings to clean and prepare surfaces. It is a group of silicate minerals with related physical and chemical characteristics. The high hardness of this makes it a powerful abrasive for cleaning rust, paint, and other surface impurities from metal, wood, and other surfaces.
Cabinet Type Sand Blasting Machine
Cabinet Type Sand Blasting Machine is used to achieve a desired surface finish by deburring, descaling, and polishing metal parts. This machine also provides a cost-effective and efficient solution for surface preparation and cleaning of a wide range of materials.
Dust Collector
Dust Collectors are helpful in purifying the air which is released from the processes of commercial and industrial sectors. These are highly efficient, reliable, easy to install and long lasting.

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